Thursday, 31 July 2008

Birthday Wishes

A while ago I was talking to someone at work - we all receive cards on our birthdays which have been signed by all in the office. Anyway, he is charged with buying the birthday cards and is forever taking flack about the type of cards he buys, so he tentatively suggested that they buy some from me. Well I've finally got round to starting to do some samples to take into the office & thought I'd start with a 'joy fold' card I found on Splitcoast stampers. I've taken pictures of the card both open & closed so you can see it properly (although with bad light they're not my best photos.

Hope you like - all comments greatfully received.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Two Posts in one Day!!

I'm so pleased with this card, I made it for my best friend Laura's birthday last week, again I used a card sketch to help with the layout - Mojo Monday 43, which I found on someone else's site (sorry, not quite sure where). The image is my newest Magnolia stamp, I love these as the images are beautiful, they are cheaper than wood mounted stamps and take up less room to store - they are of course stunningly beautiful too!

Good Luck

My daughter's form tutor is leaving at the end of the term (next week), and she asked me to make a card for her to give. Within 24 hours, this had become "mum can you make a card big enough that all of us in the tutor group can sign?".

I don't mind really as I prefer making A5 cards at the moment as you can really layer them up and go to town. I decided to dig out a card sketch for this one (SC153 from splitcoast stampers). I never used to use card sketches because I thought it was a bit like cheating, but now I've fallen in love with the idea of them - it leaves me to do my creative bit with the colours and stamping.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this card, but I think perhaps the colours could do with a bit of playing with - the yellow is too bright and the purple on the mats does not quite match the background paper. Ooh and thats another thing I've only recently discovered, is free backing paper downloads. The one used on this card was from the Cuddly Buddly website (link included if you'd like to check it out). Unfortunately as I have a Mac most of the CD's that are on the craft channels and online won't show properly, but hey ho...

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Time flies when your having fun!

Blimey - can't believe how long I'm leaving it between posts, sorry, life just seems to be zooming past so fast I don't even have time to think! Anyway, managed to get tea made really quick tonight, so got a little bit of extra time.

Thought I'd post a picture of a card I made a little while back using my favourite Stampin Up stuff (ink and card). The image is one I've had for absolutely ages but never used, so it kind of fulfils Gill's Dusty Stamp challenge - check it out on her blog here.

Anyway, I know I keep saying I'll post more often, so no promises this time, just see how things go - thanks for looking in!


Sorry its taken me so long to sort this one out - forgot Rachel had tagged me with these!

1. This is the 'This or That' tag.

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream:
Chocolate every time!
Big Mac or Whopper:
Whopper (because I'm a pig!)
Coke or Pepsi:
Beer or Wine:
Beer - most wines make me ill
Coffee or Tea:
Depends on the time of day
Apple Juice or O.J.:
Facebook or MySpace:
Neither, never understood the fascination of them
Summer or Winter:
Windows or Mac:
Definintely Mac - have to use Windows at work, nice to come home to my Macbook
Cats or Dogs:
Cats, with both of us working a dog just isn't practical

Was working at Aaron Financial Services, had a great job, hubby had not long left the Navy & we had a lovely little toddler at that time (ah, but they grow up!)


Thankfully as I'm at the end of the day, it's all done now - relax, relax, relax, relax, oh and relax!

Chocolate coated peanuts & doritos

Spend, do up the house, new cars, holidays & invest (boss would kill me if I didn't say that - I work for financial advisers!)

Really boring huh!

Anyway, as I think everyone I know has already been tagged with these I won't go tagging anyone else, but if by some chance you haven't had these - consider yourself tagged!