Friday, 7 December 2012

Down to earth with a bump!

Well, after my lovely weekend, this week has been a great example of falling from a great height.

My lovely, wonderful 16 year old daughter (well, she's nearly 17) announced first that she was dropping out of college, and then that she was leaving home - this was done from the doorway with backpack already packed.

I felt so gutted, I have tried to make her the centre of my world, whilst at the same time trying to teach her the independent skills required to go out into the world. I know I should see this as the ultimate consequence of the way we have tried to bring her up, but I was kind of expecting it in a few years time.

Thankful she has not tried to go it totally alone, she has moved in with her boyfriend and his parents, so at least there are adult influences, and they are staying here over Christmas (Christmas eve and Christmas day). I wouldn't be her mum though if I wasn't worried whether she's eating enough, getting enough sleep, being good and polite blah, blah.....

So I haven't done a lot of crafting this week, as I've just been feeling a bit low. Daughter did phone last night to see how I was and let me know that she's okay - perhaps we can have a better relationship now that she has a bit of distance (I do so hope so).

Anyway, must go and get ready for work - back soon!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh such a perfect day!

Well, actually it's been a perfect weekend, I've had such a brilliant time.

Firstly when I got up yesterday I found some inspiration to make a card, and it was finished by 9 a.m. - I was up early yesterday as I was going to a bag making workshop. That was where my day got better and better. I spent the day with some amazingly lovely women, chatting, eating amazing food and learning how to make a bag. For me there was more learning than most, I managed to cut one of my pieces wrong and didn't take enough material with me to correct it - thankfully one of the other ladies gave me some material so I started all over again. I didn't finish either bag at the workshop, but that's where its been the perfect weekend, as I came home with the skills and put them into practice this afternoon, finishing both of the bags while cooking a lovely roast dinner.

I can't imagine a better weekend, ever, it's been just BRILLIANT!