Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh such a perfect day!

Well, actually it's been a perfect weekend, I've had such a brilliant time.

Firstly when I got up yesterday I found some inspiration to make a card, and it was finished by 9 a.m. - I was up early yesterday as I was going to a bag making workshop. That was where my day got better and better. I spent the day with some amazingly lovely women, chatting, eating amazing food and learning how to make a bag. For me there was more learning than most, I managed to cut one of my pieces wrong and didn't take enough material with me to correct it - thankfully one of the other ladies gave me some material so I started all over again. I didn't finish either bag at the workshop, but that's where its been the perfect weekend, as I came home with the skills and put them into practice this afternoon, finishing both of the bags while cooking a lovely roast dinner.

I can't imagine a better weekend, ever, it's been just BRILLIANT!



fostermummy said...

Yay new craft buddy!!!
Those bags look brilliant!
It was a lovely day yesterday, and I really enjoyed sewing next to you - looking forward to the next crafty day xxx FM

Vanessa said...

Wow!! Your bags look amazing!! I was so pleased you managed to rectify the problem with the fabric... and then you managed to make two! It was lovely to spend the day with you and learn together... looking forward to another one soon xx

Arwedd said...

May I also say how wonderful both your bags look. I love the black and cream combo. Superb!!

Thanks for the company.

Love Arwedd xx

Frugal Queen said...

hi - TWO bags! they are just lovely! thanks so much for coming, what a lovely day xxxx