Sunday, 11 November 2012

Beautiful box

Well, I had a great time yesterday and managed to make a whole project in one go!!!

I have to say that I really love Pinterest, and this project was one I found through browsing there, although the actual project is from Splitcoast Stampers and can be found here.  It looks quite complicated, but I have to say that it is really easy to make if you follow the instructions carefully (I should have followed them more carefully and ended up having to re-do a few bits, but hey ho, you live and learn!).

The backing paper and images are from one of my snowman CD's (think it's the Walking in the Air one), the images are stunning and the only thing I have to decide now is what to put in it, the individual trays are about 3 inches square by about 7/8 inch deep, chocolates or jewellery are the obvious choices.

I did have a ribbon on the box to tie it closed but it actually holds together just as well without, so I took it off, it also was making the box open slightly when it was tied.

One last mistake of mine for you all to learn from - when you adhere the image to the top for decoration, make sure you stick it to the side that doesn't have the box directly underneath, otherwise you won't be able to get anything in to the top draw of the box.

Anyway, hope you like this & see you soon.

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Cards by Alison said...

Rachel the finished project is gorgeous I just love it and will have to have a go at using my snowman cd. Hope to see you soon. Love Ali xxx