Monday, 18 August 2008

Just Playing

Its great - I've started to just play again, trying things out to see what happens, not everything is going to go right, but I'm sure there will be some happy accidents along the way and I need to get away from the formulaic cards that I sometimes produce.

Anyway, I've dug out my Christmas stamps & boy have I got loads of them! Well I split them into ones I use alot and ones I've hardly ever/never used. I'm now forcing myself to make at least one card with the ones I've not used & actually I'm quite enjoying it - this is one of the cards I've made, maybe not the best, but then they can't all be, right?

This next one was made using a new template I got from HOTP - Swirly Doodles, I wanted to see what I could do with some swirls, so I used it to decorate the top of the card, and then on a separate piece of paper and using the same colour I had a go at a simple Christmas Tree, I then embossed the tree, which completely changed the colour of the ink, cut it out, chalked the tree and the card, embossed some snowflakes on the card and put the tree onto the card using some foam pads. I've decided, I love white embossing powder!


Hels said...

Fab cards Rachel x

Rosie said...

They turned out great, didn't they? The thing is, Rachel, I'm forever experimenting - I take over the house, drive my family nuts and I enjoy nearly every moment of what I do! It's therapy, distraction, satisfying... all that and more.
If you wanted to, you could do exactly what I do - I'd give you the instructions! Having said that - some people are really put off by what I do because I can't be beautifully precise and elegant for the life of me! It ain't in my nature... but you make lovely cards and if they make you happy (and I'm sure the recipients love them), that's the joy of creating.
Try something dark and dangerous just for fun - I dare ya!
(((hugs))) Rosie

Elisabeth said...

I love the holiday greetings one!!

jami said...

Great cards:)