Saturday, 26 October 2013


Well, as it's Saturday, was hoping that my crafty buddy Alison would be over & we could set the world to rights over some glue & paper (no sniffing involved!).  Unfortunately, having managed to look after herself all week to be well enough to come over, she pulled something in her back putting something in her wardrobe - oh the perils of tidying!!! - Ah well, get well soon Alison & stay away from the housework, it's bad for your health.

Speaking of housework, I always try and do some on a Saturday morning just so I can justify having the afternoon for myself.  Today however, I decided to carry the housework onto my craft desk too & did some tidying up there & putting away some stamps that have been sat on my desk just gathering dust (seems to be a lot of that about at the moment!).

I did make time to finish a card I've been working on, it's a Party Paws image (Bamboo) from Crafters Companion, coloured with my Speccies.  Believe it or not the background paper was made with a 6x6 mask and blow pens (I discovered them at the back of a cupboard and decided that as my daughter is all grown up she won't mind me playing with them), the butterfly is an EK Success punch, the sentiment was from the same Crafters Companion set - nice & bright considering the dull and grey weather we are having.

I also had a bit of a play with one of the new Crafters Companion embossing boards released for their birthday week.  This one is the Takeout box, and I think will make a brilliant gift box for small things - you could get some jewellery in there, or some sweets, or even a cupcake.  The base of the box is 2 inches by 2.5 inches, at the top its 3 inches by just over 4 inches and is about 2.5 inches high.  This was just a test piece so I just used plain white card, but I can't wait to have a play with printing off some of the wonderful background papers from my CDs and using them to make boxes - I've yet to make the popcorn box, milk cartons or gable end box, but I will get there.

I used some scrap paper to make the panels - finally trying to use some stuff up rather than just stroking it - I have a mountain of paper that I really need to unbury myself from (but then I think most crafters have - you have to see this video here, it is soooo familiar!!!).

Anyway, it's Saturday night and I have a Terry's Chocolate Orange (it's not Terry's it's MINE!!!) with my name on it.

Take care for now


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Ahhh Rachel card is gorgeous love the sweet image. My back is worse today cannot stand unaided hopefully I will be ok by next weekend so we can sort the world out over a nice cuppa and might even make a card lol. Missing our crafty afternoon. Oh yeah bought the boards and a stamp and some tape and some glue naughty me lol.

Love Alison