Saturday, 5 February 2011

OMG where did all the time go!

I didn't mean to be a bad blogger, really I didn't, but you know what it's like - I spend so much time browsing the web & the rest of the time making stuff, I never quite got round to updating my blog.

Anyway I'm back now & will try and be a bit more regular in my updates.

Well, to kick off, I thought I'd show a card I made for a friend who wanted to give a special card for a baby's first Christmas - I EARNED £5 FOR THIS CARD!!!!. The ornament on the front comes off and can be used on the tree, but only cost 80p in Wilkinsons, underneath is a bauble from a Waltzingmouse set - the tree branch is from another Waltzingmouse set, and the lettering is all from various Cricut cartridges. I ended up having to make another one in Blue for another work colleague who wanted one to give to a nephew for Christmas.

I only get a couple of commissions but they are always nice (well, when they're done & the recipient is happy the are!).

Hope you like the card, anyway, will sign off for the mo, but hope to be back tomorrow with a bit more of a catch up and maybe a new card if I get the chance to make any (in between shopping, washing, cleaning and ironing - thought the weekends were supposed to be an opportunity to rest!).

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