Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Today is a good day

Well, today has been a really good day - no, darling daughter is not home, though she is still very well, still speaking to us and knows she can return home if ever she needs to.

Today is a good day because we (gorgeous hubby & I) had his ESA tribunal today.  Wonderful DWP put him in the 'Work' group when he can barely walk down our front path, is in constant pain, can't wear shoes due to his condition and generally has a very restricted and cr*p life, but they think he can work.  Well today the tribunal upheld our belief that he should have been put in the support group and so he should start receiving some money from them - Yay us!

Though I have to say it will probably be short lived as they are bound to re-assess him again very soon and so we will begin the cycle of appealing again - for all of you reading this, lots of your hard earned money is going into the appeals system because whilst weeding out the benefit cheats, DWP and the government are squeezing those people who have worked and contributed all their life but due to circumstances outside their control find that they need some support to continue to live anything close to a life!  Right that's my soap box sorted for the day, I'll get off it now and back to cards, which is really the point of my blog...

This card was made using a Hunky Dory kit from Crafters Companion, which came as part of something else I bought with vouchers that they gave out when they changed the points system before Christmas - I don't normally make cards from kits, but the images in this kit are so beautiful, I just love them, more will follow as I am going to try and start using up some of my extensive stock this year.

The card took really no time at all to make, but, if I do say myself, it looks really good.

Anyway, I'm off to carry on celebrating a victory for one of the little guys against the system.

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Cards by Alison said...

Rachel really pleased about the decision being on your side. Your card is lovely and am glad to see you are posting again. Love Ali xx