Saturday, 11 October 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie

Well, some time ago now, Crafters Companion launched the Snowman & Snowdog  and Father Christmas Party Collection CDs and I was on the launch for this.  Being the naughty blogger that I am, I did not get round to actually blogging everything I had made at the time, the good news is that this means I still have lots of things to show you from my makes!

These baubles are from the CD, each one prints out onto two sheets of card, complete with loads of lovely embellishments (I cheated with the cutting out again and used the Scan n Cut, which picked up every element on the page and cut it out perfectly).  Once cut out I spray n sparkled all of the individual sides (silver).  I put a hole into two of the sides (top and bottom) before putting them together and added the ribbon at the top for hanging and then snowflakes and sparkly shamballa bead below.  Then I glued all the points with Collal Tacky glue to form the cubes you see, once together I added the holly decoration, which also came on the sheets.

I think I will be making more of these to go on our tree at home this year as I really loved how they turned out - shame I couldn't get better pictures of them, but now I have my new daylight Ruby angle poise Lamp I should be able to get better pictures next time.

There are actually 12 different baubles on the CD and 12 more on the Father Christmas CD so plenty to choose from.

Well, hope you like & see you again soon



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