Friday, 1 May 2015

Calorie free cupcake anyone?

Well, following on from my post this morning, my next make with these stunning templates (really easy to use too) is a trinket box.  I made the template up and was staring at it, and it just looked like a gorgeous cupcake piled high with icing (just the way I like them!).  So I set about decorating the box to look like a cupcake.  This involved ALOT of ribbon, first I put loads of red liner tape around the lid of the box and ruche'd up the ribbon as I stuck it to the box.  Once I'd done that it was simply a matter of decorating with some lovely sequins for sprinkles and I made a ribbon rose to go on top and cut some leaves using the cabbage rose die from the BeBunni range.

I really hope you like it, I had such fun making it and spent several days staring at it before I could bear to part with it - may well have to do it again and will make a fab gift for anyone on a diet, you can have your cake and not eat it!



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