Friday, 15 May 2015

The most beautiful Destinations

I have been working on the most amazing launch for Crafters Companion, starting on Create and Craft on Monday as the four day deal.  Destinations is a twin CD and there are also accompanying stamp sets.  There is sooo much amazing stuff (sorry for the use of the word stuff, but it's probably the best description) cram packed into these two CDs that will help you make gifts, cards, packaging and well pretty much anything you could imagine.

This first peek of mine is from the second CD, and is one of the fabulous address books - yep, there are now address books, complete, you get front and back covers, divider tabs and gorgeously decorated pages to write on.  Just print, bind however you feel and embellish to your hearts content!

I was working on the Indian one and so this really needed to be bright and colourful as every time I see images of India on TV (never been there sadly) they are always so colourful and vibrant.  To this end I decided to bind with my Cinch and then embellish the binding (which is really the most unatractive bit) with lots of coloured ribbons.  I also cut some slits in the front cover so that I could feed ribbon through to put a pen on the front, I hid the ribbon on the inside with a stamped and embossed image cut out and stuck over the ribbon on the inside, but forgot to take a picture of this (doh!).

The pen itself (bic) I also covered with the same paper I had used as my lining paper inside the front and back covers.  It was really easy to do, just cut a strip of paper the length of the pen you want to cover (make sure that it sits below the lid or you'll never be able to put the lid on) and enough to cover the pen several times.  Wrap it round the pen so that it gets the shape, then put a line of tacky glue down the length and stick this to the pen, re-wrap the pen with the paper and put another strip down the outside edge of the paper as you come to the end of the wrap, make sure you use plenty of glue as you want it to ooze out a little so that the edge of the paper is stuck down really well, that's it! matching pen for your address book, and it looks amazing - you could of course then continue and use spray and shine to seal it, or even spray and sparkle for a fab glitzy look!

Well, hope you get your copy of the CDs early on Monday as I don't think it will last 4 days (I've seen the other makes, and they made me gasp!).



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Josie said...

A work of art - Love it :)