Thursday, 6 March 2008

Having Fun

I found instructions to make this card on Chick n Scratch's blog, and remembered that I had a tumbling clown stamp - it seemed the perfect stamp for a penny slider card. Since making this card I can't help picking it up every time I go near it and sliding it up and down - the Clown cartwheels perfectly up and down the card. You really must give this a try!

Now that I've stopped being depressed, I'm quite enjoying having time to play with my crafting, and actually not having loads of money to keep adding to my stash means I'm getting more inventive and actually using some of my stuff up - you should give it a try one month. Don't spend any money on craft - you could always put the money in a jar and see how much you've got at the end of the month, you'd probably have enough for a big splurge & not having bought anything for a while may even concentrate the mind so you buy what you'll make most use of (Well that's the theory anyway!!)

It will be nice to get back to work, but I'm hoping that I don't have to work for a financial adviser again - time to try something new!!!


Hels said...

Love this card....looks glad you are feeling happier and hope work goes ok too :O)) Hels SBS12

Shirley said...

WOW.... Ive seen these cards before, but they usualy flowers, but seeing this one with the clown is just so wow. In my head I can see it rolling up and down also.

I must look to see what I could use to make one of these now lol.

Melissia said...

What a perfect stamp for this type of technique! Love it!

Miss Moon said...

Brilliant Rachel! I bet it looks great in action :)

Liz x

Dawn said...

I love the clown slider - how cute is that?!! great job!