Sunday, 30 March 2008

Update on Life

For those of you who have been following what's been happening in my life, firstly, thanks for all the support, and second, here's a little update for you....

The company that I went for an interview for on 19th March phoned on Thursday (27th) to say that they would like me to come in for an informal chat with the senior partner and to meet the rest of the team on Tuesday 1st April (I'm hoping this isn't just an April Fools joke!), well actually, they just said sometime next week & would fit in with me, so that's quite promising.

Geoff became unwell again on Thursday after returning to work on Tuesday, and we now think he may be suffering from motion sickness on the bus as they have springs on the seats which have the drivers bouncing all over the place. When he went back on Tuesday, he had a brilliant drive and was really enjoying it, but felt a bit odd Tuesday night and didn't sleep well. Wednesday, he didn't do any driving and felt okay, and also slept better. Thursday, he drove in the morning with a few minor mistakes, but by Thursday afternoon, he was making loads of mistakes and hitting curbs - on Thursday evening he looked like he was going to pass out, he was dizzy and feeling sick, and kept waking during the night. He went to the doctor on Friday, who has taken him off the blood pressure tablets to eliminate this as a possible cause (though he doesn't think this is the cause) and said to see how he gets on on Monday. Geoff does not want to do this and does not think the bus company will be happy with this either - he may not be carrying passengers, but even an empty bus can do a serious amount of carnage in an accident!

Anyway, he's resigned to the idea that his dream of being a bus driver is disappearing rapidly and is going to tell the bus company tomorrow that he can't continue.

Some good news though - one of the other jobs he looked at doing when he was sacked still looks like it might be a goer, it would be looking after boys with behavioural and learning difficulties and I think Geoff would be brilliant at it (he certainly has more patience than me & children love him). Anyway, Geoff went out to have a look at the place on Saturday, and they have said he should get in touch when he's had a think about it - which he has & he'll be back in touch with them next week to see if he can go and spend a day or half a day observing at the centre.

Perhaps this is what was intended for him all along and that's why we've had so many difficulties with the bus job.

As for me, I would just like to say thank you to you all for your kind wishes and prayers, just keep your fingers crossed a bit longer & I'll let you know how I get on on Tuesday.


Rosie said...

Oh Rachel, I'm so glad things look as if they're working out for you! I'll keep everything crossed in the meantime!!
Thanks for your comments on my blog - much appreciated, and ain't that the truth about choosing your friends?!!
Good luck to DH too, maybe it was 'meant' to be... ;-]

Annapurna said...

That is good news. With blood pressure issues, like you said, he might be better at a desk job than a driving job. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

About the dry wall tape, I took it out and placed it again a couple of time, so if you place it on scrap, color and place it on where you want, it should be fine. I will try it next time and let you know.

CraftyTracy said...

ohh!! I will keep fingers crossed for tomorrow for you, remember if you are offered a day off in the week go for Wednesdays then you can come play LOL!!!

E-mail me your addy as you won my blog candyXXXX


Elisabeth said...

Awesome news about your job "interview". And poor DH, motion sickness isn't fun. Keeping all my fingers crossed for you in and in my prayers.

Hels said...

Am keeping everything X'd for you for tomorrow hun, as for Geoff I am sorry that he cannot continue his job - hoping that he gets things sorted real soon Hels SBS12

Spanishbella said...

Great to hear that things are looking better for you. What a bummer for DH!

On another note, you won PIF candy from me, email me your addy so I can send it out!


Chrissy said...

I just hope everything sorts itself out, sometimes things happen for a reason (and I am a big beliver in fate) BUT it is so damned worrying at the time..... good luck with your search & I hope all turns out rite for your man :-)