Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Sorry, I know I should have updated yesterday as I did promise to let you all know what was happening & you've been kind enough to pray and keep fingers crossed for me, but I was so p*ssed off yesterday that I thought it best to wait until I had returned to my normal calm self!

Anyway, went for my "informal chat" yesterday, thinking that this was merely a formality, but it turns out that it was yet another hoop to jump through - because the office manager was away when the original interviews were done, they whittled it down from 8 candidates to 2 (me and one other), who he is seeing this week. He did say that we should know hopefully on Thursday (tomorrow).

One good thing though - he'd read an article in the Times this week (The Times!!!) saying that scrapbooking was the new big thing in France, so at least we had a good chat about that - slightly sexist article though, suggesting that women scrapbook because they have too much time on their hands (france have a 35 hour working week) - Please don't shout at me, just google times online & shout at them instead.

Well - sorry I don't have better news, any chance you lot could say one last pray & keep fingers crossed just that little bit longer for me????

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