Sunday, 11 September 2016

It's that C word again!

Sorry but I love Christmas, everything about it, the tinsel, the glitter, the carols, the cozy nights by the fire with the tree twinkling away, people being much nicer to each other than the rest of the year (why do they do that?) and all the lovely food too.  And as a crafter I get to extend the festive season to the rest of the year by making cards - Yay!!!!!!.

I have had a template for a card for aaaaggggess, with every intention (you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions!!!) of having a go as I'd seen so many of my Crafters teamies playing with this and making it look absolutely amazing.  By the way if you want to have a go too, you can find the template here.

I haven't played with this collection for a very long time and with the festive season fast approaching, I thought it was the perfect time to dust of my Snowman and Snowdog collection from Crafters, together with some of the fabulous Christmas Die'sire dies and get cracking.

This card is absolutely HUGE - that's not the small Snowman and Snowdog dies I've used there, they are the full size ones, it's about 18 cm high by 27 cm long and so my next task will be to make a box for it to go in as it's not exactly flat either, probably not one to send in the post!

I had great fun making this, and even more fun looking through the Snowman and Snowdog CD for inspiration, you forget so quickly how much wonderful stuff there is on all the old CD's, think I may have to dig more of them back out and get playing, and if I've inspired you to have a go, either with your old CD's or to maybe get a template and have a play, leave me a message and/or a link and I'll have a look!



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