Monday, 18 February 2008

Bind it All

Okay, so I haven't got anything to post today, just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive.

I am working on quite a big project at the moment, it's my first really big thing with the bind it all machine, and will hopefully be a card keeper for my mum for mothers day. I've made all the pages, the cover, bound it and put in the months of the year, now all I need to do is decorate each month and add some cards - so not much really!

I love making stuff for my mum, she's always so appreciative (thats probably just a mum thing, but I love it anyway!). When I was a teenager, I made her a Christmas Stocking, and every item in it was hand made or finished in some way - she was so thrilled & that has stuck with me.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of it when it's finished, won't be long now (well it can't be, mothers day is 2nd March!). Still have to do MILs present as well yet though - won't be quite as much of a challenge, hoping to make a card wallet, with pictures from our trip to Disneyland Paris last year.

Hope you're all well & see you soon.


Spanishbella said...

Hi Rachel,

I can't wait to see your mums card. I am sure with all the time and love you are putting into it, its going to be a beautiful and special keepsake.

Hels said...

Looking forward to seeing your creation Rachel, I have a BIA and love it sooooo much!! Hels x

Dawn said...

can't wait to see the card - I will be lurking around :)

Ana Baird said...

Looking forward to seeing your card!

jami said...

I just got a bind it all machine. I can't wait to see what you create.