Thursday, 7 February 2008

Life Really is a Rollercoaster!

Well, having sorted my husband out with a new job, my boss dropped a bombshell yesterday and put all of us under notice of possible redundancy!!!

Have to say, this year has to start getting better at some point - mind you, it might just be the opportunity for me to get a better job, with better prospects and enough money to keep increasing my craft stash (see, every cloud does have a silver lining!).

Anyway, what with applying for jobs, I might not have quite so much time to craft (not that there are ever enough hours in the day).

I will try and get back to all my blogging sisters this evening, but thought I would just let you know where things are with me.

Ah well, chin up!


Rachel said...

Wow. That is a rollercoaster indeed. It will start getting better, and you are right. It could be a great opportunity. I wonder if there is some sort of crafty place where you could work and make enough money?

Anyway, I am working on getting us a bulletin board so we can communicate in one place when we need to. Leaving comments in each other's blogs is great, but for group "business", it will be nice to have a place to call our own. I will keep you updated!

Rosie said...

Okay, hello Rachel - Rosie here from Devon!! Thanks for visiting my blog... does this mean that we have a group then?? How exciting!!

I'd better put a button up on my blog and check out everyone else's too - but that'll be Monday as I work at a Sunday market all day tomorrow :(
Rosie x