Saturday, 23 February 2008

Stop the World - I want to get off!

Well, not quite, but it does feel pretty dire right now. For those of you that have followed my sorry story lately, I found out on Friday that I've lost my job, I get three months notice (which I get as gardening leave) and three weeks redundancy pay, with about another weeks holiday pay. All this will keep me going for a while, but I don't mind telling you I'm scared witless!!

Theoretically, this should mean I have loads of time for crafting, no money, but loads of time - shame I don't actually feel much like crafting at the minute.

Still, I'm going to set myself daily tasks since I will be missing the routine of work. So Monday, I'm going to apply for 5 jobs, phone the agency I'm signed up with, mop the kitchen floor & give the bathroom a good spring clean. I'm hoping that once I've done that I may feel like treating myself to some craft time - if I haven't killed myself in the process.

Oh, one bit of good news is that hubby starts his bus driver training on Monday - I did my good administrator bit & managed to get his license issued this week!!!


Ana Baird said...

Sorry to hear that! Hope you get a new job soon.

CraftyTracy said...

HI Rachel
Sorry to hear about the job, keep your chin up though. and take care of yourself, good news for hubby though hope his training goes well.


Vix Kennedy said...

Sorry to hear about your job hun but by experience one door closes and several more open. Last time I changed job on agency it was my best job ever! Absolutely loved it there and would go back any day. I realised that my job before I'd been in for nearly 7 years was making me brain dead doing the same things day in day out whereas the new one was such a challenge I loved it!

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

Vix SBS12

Elisabeth said...

(((hugs))) Job searching in a words sucks! Been there done that. Probably most of us have. I know you'll find something soon. Good luck!!

Dawn said...

very sorry to hear about your job!

I am sure you will find something soon - don't give up!!! I've been there too (at the same time as my DH) and there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

sending good vibes your way!!!!

Ana Baird said...

Many thanks for your comments on my pink watch Rachel!

Anna Jones said...

Staying busy always makes me feel better. I have a card for you on my blog

Sarah said...

((((HUGS)))) to you. Make sure you keep your chin up and stay positive. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.
Sarah xx :0)

Rachel said...

I am so sorry you are going through this right now. I can totally understand that you don't feel like crafting. When I lost my job all I wanted to do was sleep!

How did your Monday chores go? How was your husband's driver training?

The Other Rachel - SBS12

Ruby Claire. said...

Sorry to hear about your job, hope you can find one soon!
You sound busy!
Hope everything goes according to lpan!

jami said...

Hang in there:) Everything happens for a reason. You might end up in your dream job, happier than ever.