Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Found that blasted cloud again!!!

Just when I thought things might be on an even keel, hubby due to start new job next week (I'm not too worried about mine, will find something new or work with my old boss). He phoned the bus company to find out some things and happened to mention that his provisional PSV licence had not come through, this worried them so he phoned DVLA, who want him to have some more blood pressure tests done. They've had his application since the 4th February and haven't even requested this yet.

The officious lady on the phone wouldn't even tell him when they were likely to write. Well in my capacity as the wonder administrator, I phoned them today, and managed to speak to a human being (not a jobsworth), so we might be able to get it sorted, it does however mean that he won't be able to start next week - the other consequence of which is that I won't be able to buy any craft stuff for a while - BOO!!!!!

Still, trying to keep a happy face & heart, but not easy, will try to keep making stuff, but my creative streak deserts me when I'm feeling down.


Dawn said...

sending lots of good luck wishes your way!

-your SBS12 sister!

Home Made Greetings said...

Hang in there. When you are at the bottom, there is no place else to go but up. I love the notebook you made for your daughter.
your SBS sister

Melissas said...

Keep your chin up! Things will work out in the end, although it's no fun to wait while they do! Good wishes from your SBS12 sister ;)

Rosie said...

Hunni, that's the best time to browse blogs and take notes for future projects!! I'm always skint, so I try really hard to use what I've got and recycle what I can!!
Good luck with DH's PSV licence... hope his BP stabilises (I too suffer from hypertension :( )
Rosie SBS12