Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm Still here!!

Well, the past few days have not been great for me, I applied for 4 jobs on Monday, one yesterday and another two today, and whilst I know I've got three months to get a new job, I can't help feeling a little bit desperate and thinking no one will have me (stupid I know, but it's difficult when you spend all day not talking to another human being).

Anyway, I'm trying hard to pull myself out of it, and today has been slightly better, the jobs I've applied for seem really quite good & I'd be really happy to get either of them. I've also finally got back to some crafting. I tried out the candle decorating technique from Split Coast Stampers as a present for MIL for mothers day & also made a box to put it in - decorated with flowers cut on the cricut. I've also finished the card keeper, which I just decided to put titling on the front - says 'card keeper' (not very imaginative, but it does look good!).

DH has started his bus driver training, and took the bus out for the first time today!!! (says it was like doing a ride at Disney, you sit there thinking this is a bad idea, then it starts and you still think its a bad idea, but when you get off you want to go again!!) Anyway, if you are out and about in Plymouth over the next week or so and see a Learner First bus, go easy on it - it may be my other half.

Have to say thanks to everyone for your kind words recently, it really helps.


Spanishbella said...

What a neat gift. I just love it. HOw did you put that box together? On another note, best of luck job hunting!
Cheer up!

Sarah said...

The candle and box are beautiful , you MIL will love it! Good luck on the job hunting and remember to stay positive.
Sarah xx :0)

Ana Baird said...

The candle and box are great! Best of luck on the job hunting!

Elisabeth said...

What an awesome gift! I should probably do something like that for my mother and mother in law.

Sending you positive vibes and thoughts on your job search.

jami said...

Don't be discouraged. I'm sure the right job is right around the corner for you.

Rosie said...

Thats' so pretty... I'm sure she'll love it!
Good luck to your DH with his training and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job(s) front. Hang in there Rachel!

Melissia said...

Good luck with your job hunting. Be patient and the right one will fall into your lap.

Your projects look great!

Tracy K said...

Those candles are beautiful

Dawn said...

I love the candles. This is a wonderful technique that I use during the holidays. You did an awesome job with the candle and box.

Keeping my toes and fingers crossed for you on the job front. Send you lots of positive vibes :-)

Nikki said...

I have only just found your blog but have read about your job and just wish you luck in your applications and hope you find something very soon.
Your blog is great, love these gifts.
I will be back!
Nikki x